I just got used to it..

I just got my thoughts in order about the fact that I have to give myself injections and have reached acceptance. Of course as soon as that happened, I get the phone call that I am ready to trigger.

Wednesday August 2nd.. I got to my usual monitoring office a bit earlier than my appointment because I was up and out of the house before I planned. I walk in to a room full of waiting women, not usually the case no matter what time I go. Behind the desk, there was commotion with the girls who work there. One was running towards the room where my blood gets drawn almost daily with a can of soda and the other girl was on the phone with the main office. I overheard that they thought that the phlebotomist had a stroke and were rushing her to the emergency room. We all had the choice to come back tomorrow or to get to the main office, which is normally 30 minutes away, in about 20 minutes. Obviously I chose the only logical option and got in my car.

I made it to the main office in 17 minutes. You read that right, seventeen! I got my ultrasound by a tech I didn’t know, somewhat awkward. She kept apologizing for taking so long but kept stressing that it was because there was a lot going on. I laid there and waited for it to be over. I then went and had my blood drawn by someone who was rougher than usual (I really missed my phlebotomist at that moment). The office staff wished me well and off I went.

This day and the day before I began feeling extremely bloated. Unsure of exactly what was going on in my ovaries, I knew it was something. I noticed that my walk had changed because of my discomfort level. I couldn’t wait for the results to come in.

Hours later, I got the phone call saying that I am ready to trigger. At 9:15pm I begin mixing my doses; 40 units of Leuprolide Acetate for the belly followed by 1ml of Chorionic Goadotropin in the thigh. At 9:25 I began icing my thigh one last time. I was told that this had to be administered at 9:30pm with no more than a 5 minute delay. So I injected my belly and then my thigh and I sat and breathed relief that those were my last shots for the time being, and hopefully forever.


Thursday was the start of my Z-Pack.

Friday was the day.


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