Finding time

I decided to start writing here to get things off my chest and to make sense of my thoughts. What I didn’t realize was that organizing those thoughts and finding the time we’re a lot harder than I had expected. After the weeks of injections, the many ultrasounds, the tubes of blood that they took I’m finally done with that part. At my retrieval I found out that I had 20 eggs. Of those, 18 fertilized successfully and after the initial five days, I still had 18 embryos to test. 

It was a Tuesday morning and I was at work when I received a phone call from the testing lab wanting the remaining balance. In my head I knew that I had owed them $1,000, not terrible, all things considered. When the girl told me that according to her records I owed $2,500 I almost died! Let me say that I’m one of the fortunate ones and my insurance picks up most of the cost of the IVF procedure however what I do owe out of pocket is still a lot. My parents have been helping us finance what the insurance doesn’t pick up and knowing that there was a $1,500 difference in the balance did not sit well with me so early in the morning. I tried getting in touch with my parents… my mom, my dad, house phone, cell phone, work phone… Nobody picked up.

 My anxiety was going through the roof because I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t make a decision without speaking to someone. When I told the woman on the other end of the phone that I didn’t have 1500 extra dollars and that I had only allotted for the initial thousand she basically told me that until the balance is paid they cannot move forward and that my embryos could not be tested. I was trying to understand why the jumping numbers, why the difference in the total but she wasn’t understanding my questions (insert frustration).

I finally got a phone call from the financial woman at my doctor’s office who easily explained the process and explain to me where all of my money was going.  She helped me understand where the miscommunication occurred and what was actually  supposed to happen.  At some point I’ve got in touch with my mother and discussed my options. We decided that we couldn’t choose which embryos to test and even with the unexpected increase in cost, we are better off testing them all. 

After the headache and the crying and the horrendous anxiety everything is said and done. I’m paid in full and a couple of days later I received a phone call from my doctor. He was thrilled to share with me that I have 12 healthy, high quality, both male and female embryos. That is 12 genetically desirable embryos! I could not be happier! 

We are going to Chicago in a few weeks and decided to postpone the transfer until after we get back. We didn’t want to risk flying or really limiting our trip in any way.  We both know that at some point, things will change and we look forward to that but right now,  we are going to take advantage of the fact that for this moment, things are still the same. I am going to drink,  explore, eat, and enjoy my time. The morning we get back,  I have my ultrasound and bloodwork appointment already made.  First thing in the morning I will begin the 2 week cycle to prep for transfer day!! Cannot wait!! 

Till later.. hopefully with a more exciting update, 


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