¬†Pineapples or French Fries?

I apparently take way too much time to gather my thoughts and words. I should have updated a while back but instead, I just got to it.. bare with me..

Chicago was amazing! We had a great time exploring the city. We went to a Cubs game and a White Sox game, hung out at a Blues Club, ate lots of deep dish pizza (I preferred Pizzeria Due!), and enjoyed some of the best bloody Marys I’ve ever had! We went on an amazing architecture tour that showed the city in such a spectacular way, I could have sat on that boat all night long and stared.


The morning after we got back home, real life resumed. I was up bright and early on the 7th to head into the monitoring office for bloodwork and a sonogram. I was ready to begin one tablet of Estradiol twice daily. The following Monday, I was back for more poking and prodding. This time, the nurse told me to up my Estradiol to 2 tablets three times a day.  Shortly after that, my bloodwork and sonogram showed that I was ready.

“Get a pen and paper ready,” that seems to be code for something good is happening soon. All of a sudden I am to be on Medrol, Esradiol, Crinone, and Progesterone tablets. 10 pills daily to get myself ready to go, never mind the prenatal vitamins that I am supposed to be on. I am terrible at daily pills so I have to really focus and get on taking the vitamins. 

IVF folktales have all different things you should be doing before and after the transfer. The biggest one I have heard is to eat pineapple, another is to eat french fries. Which one is it? Do you take a bite of each? Is there science behind either? Help!! I also have decided that pineapples have been stalking me. I went to Target and everywhere I looked there was something pineapple! I ultimately left with a pineapple welcome mat which was on clearance for like $10. 

Room temperature drinks, warm foods, socks at all times, nothing scented, eat Brazil nuts, no lifting.. So many things!! I have also utilized the power of crystal bracelets to hopefully help me stay calm. Amazonite helps dispel fears and anxiety and encourages confidence. Rose quartz and moonstone and both known for their aid in fertility and conception. Multi colored jade is to guard me from negativity and to help my heart heal and accept. This is such a shortened list of what these crystals do but they give me the feeling of control and grounding. 

I should mention I go in for my transfer TOMORROW! Bring on the positivity